Chad at a glance

Mr. Neace originally hails from Ohio.  He attended high school and college in Tennessee, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in theatre from University of Tennessee. He has been involved in performance and technical aspects of theatre from a young age – acting, singing, and operating technical equipment for plays, musicals, and operas.  He has been a member of the Screen Actors Guild since 2011. After a rigorous application, interview, and qualification process with members of the Santa Monica arts community, in 2014, Chad was approved for an artist work/live space.  He currently is on the Belmar Artist Committee.

One of Chad's best quality is persistence. He is committed to growing in his artistry and will take on his projects with the same dedication no matter the budget.

Happiness lies not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort. ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt 


Women Problems from Chad Neace on Vimeo.

Tom is on a quest to find the woman of his dreams. Regrettably, reality has other plans. Can he survive the gauntlet of bad dates and worse advise this world has in store for him?

Producer / Short Film

Women Problems

Many actors today take on untraditional rolls to become noticed. I created my own short film from concept to product. This passion project provides an artistic outlet for my personal voice. The film screened at Vidiots and Family Theater.


Santa Monica Theatre

Chad is passionate about performance. He created Santa Monica Theatre (SMT) to open up opportunities to work with others. SMT is an unique indoor outdoor intimate blackbox theatre located on Ocean Ave in Santa Monica. Mr. Neace has Produced short plays, children theatre, and hosted some amazing standup comedy nights.

Rooming with Big G from Chad Neace on Vimeo.

Two roommates of the opposite sex, who barely acknowledge their own feelings for each other, suddenly have to deal with a new roommate – one who lives in their closet. It turns out he is the one and only – you got it - GOD. A web series about two young people living with a VOICE in their closet, a voice that belongs to the one and only Creator of the Universe – GOD.

Producer / Short Film

Rooming with Big G

This project, Rooming with Big G, is Chad's first time producing his own short film. Many actors today take on untraditional rolls such as producing in order to showcase their art. Chad was ready to take on this responsibility and created this short film from concept to product. His passion provides not only an artistic outlet but a personal voice. The film screened at Family Theater.


On The Job